Palacio Astoreca Hotel - Chile

Located in the UNESCO-designated city of Valparaiso, Chile, the newly renovated Palacio Astoreca Hotel features 23 individually designed rooms, each with its own antique-meets-modern décor and superb views over the bay. Special features include a sleek spa with swimming pool, and the refined Alegre Restaurant, where former El Bulli chef, Sergio Barraso, conjures up state-of-the-art menus that mix Spain’s modern cuisine with local flavors and culinary traditions.


Travelling With A Camera: Should You Do It?



When asking different people about their motivations behind travelling their answers can vary greatly. Some people travel to relax; it is a vacation for them and the idea of sitting on a warm beach along the ocean with a cold drink in their hand is their version of paradise. For others, they wish to gain some kind of knowledge or understanding, whether about the local culture they are exploring or about themselves through the experience.

Travel preferences and trip compositions can vary anywhere from luxury to budget, rural to urban, unknown to the predictable. Some climb mountains while some climb skyscrapers. Some sample the finest dishes the country has to offer, while others eat as cheap as possible.

Yet if you ask any traveller, regardless of how they prefer to travel, they almost all bring a camera along with them on their journey.

This inevitably leads to the never ending discussion in the travel community about whether you should travel with a camera or not, and if so, how much time should be dedicating to photographing your surroundings?

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This is a topic I am still very torn about. Obviously as a traveller blogger I take quite a lot of pictures, and I enjoy photography in general, but sometimes when travelling I decide not to get my camera out at all. There have been times when walking through heavy tourist areas and I have to shake my head at some of the things people take pictures of. I think the key is moderation and to enjoy what you are experiencing first before immediately taking a picture of it. Technology can help and harm your experience.


Fred Tougas
Montreal, Canada
Leica M6 | Hasselblad 500CM

You seem to explore the depths of foreign lands without hesitation. How do you get past that alien feeling in a foreign country, to actually go deeper than an average tourists would? 

When travelling, there’s only one thing you should really be doing and it’s to undertake a deep cultural exploration to satisfy your curiosity, pioneering your way if need be. It’s the reason why you’re there. Sometimes, I even feel more hesitant when I’m at home. When exploring, I become so sensitive to everything in my surroundings, this alien feeling fuels my curiosity and my inspiration instead of scaring me. I feel this urgent need of documenting everything I see by telling a story. If it draws me off the beaten path, it’s even better. Being a photographer gives you the perfect reason to explore deeper and deeper.

Tell us about your love for 35mm film, and why it is special to you.

Even though I learned with digital, I will always seem to choose film. My approach to photography itself changes completely. With a roll of 36 or even 12 frames, there is no way you want to miss one shot. There is no room for shooting frenzies and trial and error. Therefore, I will think and compose my images differently, with better precision. The mechanical feeling of analog is unique. It acts like an extension of my body and mind and I feel much closer to my subjects. Ultimately, I get to spend less time sorting and processing images, and more time shooting. And that’s what it’s all about.

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